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Company Information :
Company name :   Myanmar Royal Tour
Myanmar Royal Tour
Business Information :
Industry group :   Transportation 
Business type :   Service provider 

Contact Information :

Address 1 :   Building No.4, Room No.47, 8-Mile Junction, Pyi Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar
จังหวัด กรุงเทพฯ
รหัสไปรษณีย์ 0
State/Province :   กรุงเทพฯ
Country :   พม่า
Postcode :   0
Tel :   (+951) 661027
Fax :   (+951) 661027
Company Profile :

Myanmar (Burma) is known as the land of pagodas and the richest archaeological site in Asia region. Myanmar with its long history, culture and religion has many pagodas, temples and monuments all over the country. In addition, Myanmar is also blessed by nature with natural attractions. There are snow-capped mountains, deep forests, cool and scenic places, long rivers, beautiful lakes, and many unspoiled beaches and archipelagoes. The different national races and their way of life, traditional arts and crafts offer exotic vistas of the nation while the warm hospitality of Myanmar people world-renowned. It is the largest country in the south-east Asia Peninsula sharing borders with Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. With a total land area of 676,577 sq. km, it is about the size of United Kingdom and the size of Texas and France combined. It has a 2832 km long coastline on the Indian Ocean. Over 50 percent of the total land area is covered with forests. Myanmar is a union of over 100 nationalities with their own languages and dialects. Myanmar lies between two great civilizations, India and China, but it has developed its own distinctive culture.

Other information :
Capital Investment :   1,000,000 or less  
Annual revenue :   1,000,000 or less  
Employee range :   0 - 50  
Estates :    
Map :   Click here to view company map.
Register capital :    
Total Asset :    
BOI :    
Raw material :    
Main Machinery :    
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