The Imported of Pouring Temperature of Molten Metal
Temperature loss during transportation of molten metal for pouring in to the mold or automatic pouring unit
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The Imported of Pouring Temperature of Molten Metal

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Refer to heat loss the temperature drop every transferring step.

When the melting start and temp increasing to 1450°C and ready to transfer

Tapping process heat loss 50°C to ladel

The molten metal in ladel losing about 40°C (within 5-10 min.) during this step we can classify to 2 by following :

A. From the ladel to tilling in the pouring device heat loss while transfer about 30°C.

If a device is unheat system the process must calculate to covering temp. loss

            1. Ladel transportation 40°C

            2. Till in to the Pouring device 30°C

Therefore it depend on capacity of poring system.

B. Manual pouring from  Ladel to sand mould temp loss about 8-12 °C.

Remark: Ladel capacity and pouring time it’s importance to be aware.

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