Rubber Bands
Brand : TN
Rubber bands are available in standard colors, sizes, and compounds.
Last Update : 11:28:53 14/02/2011
Plastic Bag
Brand : TN
Our plastic bag offers a modern look and is durable for repeated usage
Last Update : 11:27:53 14/02/2011
Laminated Plastic Bags
Brand : TN
These laminated plastic bags made of high-density polyethylene are clear colored for commercial use.
Last Update : 11:26:34 14/02/2011

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Company Information :
Company name :   บริษัท ไทยนำ รับเบอร์ อินเตอร์ จำกัด
Thai Nam Rubber Inter Co., Ltd.
Business Information :
Industry group :   Rubber and Plastics 
Business type :   Exporter 

Contact Information :

Address 1 :   30 ถนน เพชรเกษม ซอย เพชรเกษม 31 บางหว้า ภาษีเจริญ
จังหวัด กรุงเทพฯ
รหัสไปรษณีย์ 10160
State/Province :   กรุงเทพฯ
Country :   ไทย
Postcode :   10160
Tel :   66-2-4670440, 66-2-4672151, 66-2-4672448
Fax :   66-2-4672038
Company Profile :

1967 was the year Thai Nam Group first established itself with the inception of Thai Nam Rubber Inter Co., Ltd. to produce rubber bands of all sizes and quality. It has since become one of the leaders in its field of manufacture in Thailand. Despite the sensitivity of this industry to price fluctuations in international trade, the company ensures its products are second to none in quality compared to other major natural rubber manufacturers. The company's main products include natural rubber latex 60%, skim block, and Rubber block STR5L for supply to both local and overseas markets.

Thai Nam Rubber Inter Co., Ltd. exports both its own products and products from progressive farmers. The company currently generates annual revenues of approximately US$12 million and engages a workforce of 1,000 employees including four engineers and 10 QA staff. Almost all of the products manufactured by the group are distributed locally with a small quantity being exported to countries throughout the world such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, and United States of America. Thus, we are well accepted for our valuable customers in the international market like Ocarina Corporation /Japan, Jose Antonio Rodriguez / Spain, M.A.D.E. / France, and Seow Khirn Polyethylene / Singapore.

Other information :
Capital Investment :   1,000,000 or less  
Annual revenue :   1,000,000 or less  
Employee range :   0 - 50  
Estates :    
Map :   Click here to view company map.
Register capital :    
Total Asset :    
BOI :    
Raw material :    
Main Machinery :    
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Tel. 66-2-4670440, 66-2-4672151, 66-2-4672448  Fax. 66-2-4672038
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