Stamp Pad
Brand : Nanchai
Our stamp pad is available in blue, black, red and green colors
Last Update : 14:23:56 11/02/2011
Whiteboard Marker
Brand : Nanchai
Our whiteboard marker is available with bold point type
Last Update : 14:22:14 11/02/2011
Brand : Nanchai
Our watercolor is provided in a 12-color tube set and 12-color transparent pan set
Last Update : 14:07:11 11/02/2011

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Company Information :
Company name :   บริษัท นานชัยอุตสาหกรรม จำกัด
Nanchai Industry Co., Ltd.
Business Information :
Industry group :   Pulp, Paper, and Publishing 
Business type :   Exporter 

Contact Information :

Address 1 :   19/29 ซอยแสงเทียน ถนนเอกชัย แขวงบางบอน เขตบางบอน
จังหวัด สมุทรสาคร
รหัสไปรษณีย์ 74130
State/Province :   สมุทรสาคร
Country :   ไทย
Postcode :   74130
Tel :   66-2-8887470
Fax :  
Company Profile :

Nanchai Industry Co., Ltd. is a local stationery manufacturer and exporter in Thailand. The company produces and markets stamp pads, pad inks, correcting fluid, marker pens, watercolors, glue pens, and glue sticks under various brand names including "Flower", "OTO", "Silver Axe" and "Golden Fish".

Additionally, these products can be provided under OEM and private label services too. Nanchai Industrial has pursued a strategy of vertical integration and accordingly designs and manufactures rigid stationery components including plastic moulds and chemical mixing to ensure the final quality of the products. As a result of this operation, the company achieved the International Asia Award in 1985.

Currently, Nanchai Industry distributes its products locally and internationally. The company earns about 70% of total sales from overseas markets, mainly in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Jordan, and Germany and the rest, around 30%, from local customers. The company is now looking for new markets in the USA, Mexico, and other countries in South America.

The key elements of Nanchai Industry's manufacturing strategy are high-volume, low-cost assembly and test, vertical integration in the manufacture of selected components, and establishment and maintenance of key vendor relationships. The highly competitive stationery industry requires that the company manufacture significant volumes of high-quality products at low unit cost. To do this, the company must rapidly achieve high manufacturing yield and obtain uninterrupted access to high-quality components in required quantities and at competitive prices.

Nanchai Industry realizes the need of global supply chains to follow up changing needs of customers and to take action faster than was previously possible. The company is consequently developing global supply chains to respond to customer requirements within one day, to switch products if requested within two days and to implement demand-pull activities that will ship to customers when required.

Other information :
Capital Investment :   not show  
Annual revenue :   not show  
Employee range :   0 - 50  
Estates :    
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Register capital :    
Total Asset :    
BOI :    
Raw material :    
Main Machinery :    
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