Testing and Certification
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Testing and Certification
Product Category:   ธุรกิจด้านการบริการให้การ รับรองมาตรฐานสากล
Product Sub-Category:   Testing and Certification
Brand:   SGS 
Product Type :   บริการ 


We provide following services

  Supervision of Loading / Stuffing
  Weight determination
  Quality inspection 
  Quantity inspection
  In Land Services (Cargo receiving and preparation at warehouses and rice mills)



Inspects over a million of tones of the following agricultural products each year.
  Rice, Broken Rice 
  Beans & Pulses
  Yellow Maize
  Oil Seeds
  Wheat Grains

Preshipment Sampling

  Drawing preshipment sample and physical analysis prior to loading or stuffing at warehouses and storage areas.

Certificates Issuance

  After completion loading / stuffing and receiving relevant documents, our inspection certificates are issued within 24 hours.

For Containerized cargoes

  Empty Container Inspection 
  Container & Truck Sealing

Marine Inspection 

  Hatch Inspection
  Draft Survey

Collateral Management Services

  Collateral management is an arrangement whereby goods under a warehousing agreement are used as a pledge to secure a loan. Collateral management implies a relationship with a creditor (generally a bank) in addition to the warehousing agreement with the depositor / debtor.


For Palm Oil Quality Testing

1. Quality Characteristic

  Acid Value
  Free Fatty Acid
  Peroxide Value

2. Chemical and Physical Characteristic

  Saponification Value
  Iodine Value
  Unsaponifiable Matter

3. Essential composition & quality factors

  Slip Melting Point
  Cloud Point

4. Contaminants

  Moisture & Volatile Matter
  Insoluble Impurities
  Soap Content
  Mineral Oil Test


Fumigation & Pest Control Services

Provide the following types of fumigation services

  Container Fumigation
  Warehouse Fumigation
  Onboard Fumigation 


Laboratory Services

The following test can be performed at SGS Laboratory using A.O.A.C method and Granta Processors (for germination test only) with calibrated apparatus and equipment.

  Oil content / Fat
  Protein / Nitrogen
  Ash / AIA / Sulfated Ash
  Sodium Chloride / Salt 
  Hydrogen Cyanide
  TVBN (Total Volatile Base Nitrogen)
  Starch / Carbohydrate
  Sand & Silica
  Oil and Albuminoid / Profat
  Fat in Milk & Milk products


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