Star aniseeds
- Packing: in carton of 20 kgs net each.
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N?i th?t
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White rice
Rice is one of the essential foods in the world. It is cultivated in Mekong Delta province form the South of Vietnam and it is one of the core businesses of our company also. With the most modern and wellequipped machines in An giang Rice Mill, we continuously strive to grow and intergrate with value chain to deliver greater quality as well as value to our client's avery step. The company's export volume of all kinds of rice is around 100,000 mts per year. The varieties are long gran white rice 5%, 10%, 15%, 25% and 100% broken, glutinous rice, Parboiled rice, fragrant rice such as Jasmine rice and OM 490.
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Some important factors make groundnut kernel fail: High moisture when loading the goods to bags. Imperfect seeds are higher than allowed. Delivery under disadvantage whether (rain) Delivered containers are not favorable (DC container instead of refrigerator container to reduce cost) Leave the goods too long at deport in container condition?
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N?i th?t
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