Foot-operated Switches
Whenever the operator needs to have both hands free, the 3SE2 foot switch is the ideal solution.
Last Update : 13:15:23 09/06/2005
Cable-operated Switches
Paper jams in printing presses, overloads on conveyors, hazardous moments on production lines or in packaging machines
Last Update : 13:15:03 09/06/2005
LED Displays
Numeric and alphanumeric displays are used in systems where information is so diverse that it can no longer be displayed using individual indicator lights.
Last Update : 13:14:42 09/06/2005
Pushbuttons and Indicator Lights
Our pushbuttons and indicator lights are characterized by a high degree of functionality and their modern, slim design.
Last Update : 13:14:06 09/06/2005
Detecting ? SIRIUS Magnetically-operated switches
SIRIUS Magnetically-operated switches are ideally suited to monitor protective doors. They operate contactlessly.
Last Update : 13:13:35 09/06/2005

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Product Information :

Product Name:  
Safety-related controls
Product Category:   ไฟฟ้าและอิเล็กทรอนิกส์
Product Sub-Category:   Low-Voltage Controls and Distributions
Brand:   SIEMENS 
Product Type :   สินค้า, ผลิตภัณฑ์ 
Short Description :   Everywhere where personnel and equipment need to exchange information, control devices of the 3SB3 series provide a valuable service.
Detecting Safety-related controls Commanding & Signaling ? SIRIUS Emergency stop devices Quickly and safely mounted Everywhere where personnel and equipment need to exchange information, control devices of the 3SB3 series provide a valuable service. In particular the E-Stop button plays an important role. It is responsible for the fast and safe shut down of the plant in the event of a safety hazard. It is easily recognizable due to its yellow safety collar and red slam button. Its ergonomic design allows fast actuation by a strike from the palm of the hand - vital when speed is of the essence. But other control devices also contribute to the safety factor. For example, indicator lights show the state of a plant so that your operating personnel are always in the picture. Product features - Enclosures and casing with E-Stop - "E-Stop" control devices according to EN 418 with outsmart protection - "E-Stop" control devices in a range of designs: - Turn or pull interlock release - Interlock release with key - Simple mounting - no need for special tools - Control elements made of metal or plastic - Degree of protection up to IP 67 (metal series) - Contacts with positive opening operation - Contact elements and lampholders available with either screw or cage clamp connection Customer benefits - Communication-capable through connection to AS-Interface - E-Stop with fail-safe AS-Interface connection - Casing with AS-Interface connection - High robustness - Suitable for harsh industrial conditions: - High degree of protection - Metal design suitable for extreme conditions

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