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The Metropolitan Metal Co.,Ltd. employs three extrusion presses which consist of :

  • 1,200 mt  6" container which was installed in 1992.
  • 1,800 mt  7" container which was installed in 1984.
  • 1,650 mt  7" container which was installed in 1981.

Bearing in mind the need for consistent quality, we have upgraded our handling equipment to the latest belt conveyor system, which reduces the amount of waste due to scratches and dents. Along with the handling system comes the puller, which is synchronized with the press so as to get a straight untwisted and more accurate dimension of the extrusion. Also yielding higher productivity. 

We commonly produce solid and hollow profiles, as well as semi hollows, and now the increasingly demanding heat sink which requires much needed attention, due to the fact that most of these profiles belong to the electronic industry's.

Heat treatment & tempering

Currently our plant contains artificial aging ovens which are capable of Heat treating profiles to a maximum length of approximately twelve meters.  

Our standard tempering ranges from T4 through to T6, with special request T1 is available.



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