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Product Information :

Product Name:  
ประตูปีกผีเสื้อ Model FG-PDJ001
Product Category:   การขนส่ง
Product Sub-Category:   ประตูปีกผีเสื้อ
Brand:   - 
Product Type :   สินค้า, ผลิตภัณฑ์ 


1. Clear acrylic wing.
2.Wing with LED backlight
[Wing can burden big press with material Acrylics 18mm, and with Red LED backlight,
when in night,the person who pass the pedestrian can clearly see 
the wing and not break in without permission.
3. Connected with access control and 2 directions controlled.
4. LED direction indicator, Green arrow for entry free, Red Cross for passage locked.
5.. Flowing speed: 30 people/minute in the closing mode and 50 people/minute in the opening mode.
6.. Illegal invasion sound alarm.
7. Keep open status when the power supply fails/ Anti strike function.
8. Infrared sensor. 
9. Housing is made from Stainless steel 304 Grade. 
10. Multi interface control mode: 
    10.1 Dry Contact: DC12V,10 mA. 
    10.2 RS485 OR TCP/IP Interface. 
    10.3 Pulse Voltage Signal, More than 100 mS. 
11. Passageway: < 700 mm. 
12. Power: AC220V,50Hz 
13. Operation Environmental: -25 oC 60oC,RH: < 90 % 
14. Dimension:1400 X 320 X 1000 mm. 
15. Can connect various access controllers.Such as IC/ID Reader/Writer,
Buttoncontroller,Barcode controller,Codecontroller,Fingerprint controller,Computer,etc. 


Power Voltage AC220V, 50 Hz.
Operation Environment -25 oC 60oC
Temperature At 25 oC, RH < 90 %
Relative Humidity +12V level signal , or Pulse
Input Port width>100 mS pulse signal ,drivingCurrent > 10 mA
Communication Port  1.Dry Contact DC12V,10mA/Distance 2.RS485 OR TCP/IP Interface3.Pulse Voltage Signal,Morethan 100 mS. /<1200 M.
Passage Width  < 700 mm.




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