Brand : Circle seal
Last Update : 11:11:59 25/03/2016
Tube fittings
Brand : Hoke
Last Update : 11:03:42 25/03/2016
Instrument Valve
Brand : ็็็้Hoke
Last Update : 10:54:40 25/03/2016
Brand : GO
GO Regulator is a leading global designer and manufacturer of standardized and specialty pressure regulators, diaphragm valves, and filters to the analytical, instrumentation, petrochemical, oil & gas, and specialty gas industries. GO regulators and valves are designed to fulfill a wide range of applications, controlling pressure while accommodating low to moderate flow rates of many gases and liquids.
Last Update : 11:47:49 23/03/2016
Brand : SMST
Prochem stocked in both Imperial and Metric sizes, dual codified to ASTM A269/A213, with contain minimum molybdenum content of 2.5%. Prochem leads the field in the supply of high quality instrument tube for offshore and onshore application as well as general service from general purpose through the rigors of a heat exchanger application. Prochem has your tube requirements covered.
Last Update : 10:11:51 23/03/2016

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Company Profile :
Prochem (Thai) Co., Ltd. commenced business in 2006 as a joint venture with Prochem Australia. We are appoint as an exclusive agent for CIRCOR group in Thailand to stock and distribute CIRCOR. products, USA ?Hoke?,?Gyrolok?, ?GO Regulator? and Circor Seal. We carry substantial inventories in Thailand with fitting,valves in stainless steel/brass and tubes in stainless steel 316L. Also many more products can be supported by Prochem Singapore and Australia office. where we can maintain quick delivery & service etc. Our partnershave had 24 experience years in there product in Australia and their technical experience is now available to us. In Thailand market, we already supply our products to main players in Petrochemical and Power Plant for example Dow, Chemical, Thai Oil, PTT Chem, PTT Siam, Alcan, Tyco, Foster Wheeler etc.

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