Brand : Thai Art
A wide range of handmade boxes are offered in various colors and sizes according to customer requirements
Last Update : 00:17:17 14/02/2011
Gift Items
Brand : Thai Art
Our fabulous gift items in natural styles are creatively designed with the connoisseur in mind.
Last Update : 00:16:05 14/02/2011
Handmade Greeting Card
Brand : thai art
Our handmade greeting cards are available in lovely styles and can be used for greetings
Last Update : 00:14:33 14/02/2011

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A stationery and premium specialist, Thai Art Products (2000) Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 as an exporter of a wide range of handmade stationery products including packaging and gift-wrapped items made from mulberry (saa) paper. Thai mulberry is well known worldwide for its quality and individual characteristics. The combination of saa paper in a variety of Thai handicrafts leads to a number of highly creative natural-looking products. These products succeed in combining sophistication with originality and uniqueness. Such prestigious craft items are the hallmark of all goods produced by Thai Art Products

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