Stamp Pad
Brand : Nanchai
Our stamp pad is available in blue, black, red and green colors
Last Update : 14:23:56 11/02/2011
Whiteboard Marker
Brand : Nanchai
Our whiteboard marker is available with bold point type
Last Update : 14:22:14 11/02/2011
Brand : Nanchai
Our watercolor is provided in a 12-color tube set and 12-color transparent pan set
Last Update : 14:07:11 11/02/2011

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Company Profile :
Nanchai Industry Co., Ltd. is a local stationery manufacturer and exporter in Thailand. The company produces and markets stamp pads, pad inks, correcting fluid, marker pens, watercolors, glue pens, and glue sticks under various brand names including "Flower", "OTO", "Silver Axe" and "Golden Fish".

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