NGV Filter
Brand : Fleetguard
Fleetguard NGV NG5900 is a specially-made low-pressure NGV filter,
Last Update : 15:44:03 07/02/2011
Venturi Combo Lubrication Filter
Brand : Fleetguard
Last Update : 15:42:29 07/02/2011
ES Complea Coolant
Brand : Fleetguard
t is estimated that over 40% of total engine repair costs are related to problems that originate in the cooling system
Last Update : 15:40:35 07/02/2011

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Khin Nam Huat Ltd, Part (Thailand) is a partnership limited company incorporated since year 1949, dealing business for over 50 years in diesel engines (brand new and used), marine gearboxes, spare parts of products range such as filters, engine instruments, marine accessories. We are stockist of the below-mentioned products for Thailand and other markets.

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