Foot-operated Switches
Whenever the operator needs to have both hands free, the 3SE2 foot switch is the ideal solution.
Last Update : 13:15:23 09/06/2005
Cable-operated Switches
Paper jams in printing presses, overloads on conveyors, hazardous moments on production lines or in packaging machines
Last Update : 13:15:03 09/06/2005
LED Displays
Numeric and alphanumeric displays are used in systems where information is so diverse that it can no longer be displayed using individual indicator lights.
Last Update : 13:14:42 09/06/2005
Pushbuttons and Indicator Lights
Our pushbuttons and indicator lights are characterized by a high degree of functionality and their modern, slim design.
Last Update : 13:14:06 09/06/2005
Detecting ? SIRIUS Magnetically-operated switches
SIRIUS Magnetically-operated switches are ideally suited to monitor protective doors. They operate contactlessly.
Last Update : 13:13:35 09/06/2005

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Lightning, current and overvoltage devices
Brand name:SIEMENS
BETA lightning, current and overvoltage protection devices
Last Update : 31/05/2548 12:06:38
Main line circuit breaker 5SP3
Brand name:SIEMENS
As protective device with tripping characteristic E at the meter or as group line circuit breaker, it offers special discrimination conditions in the cascade connection between fuses and miniature circuit breakers
Last Update : 31/05/2548 12:03:47
Miniature circuit breakers 5SP4
Brand name:SIEMENS
For the high-current range from 80 A to 125 A as main control switch acc. to EN 60204 with - - disconnection characteristics acc. to VDE 0660 Part 107
Last Update : 31/05/2548 12:02:09
Miniature circuit breakers 5SJ6
Brand name:SIEMENS
6 types, tailor-made for applications in residential buildings, tripping characteristic B, 1-pole
Last Update : 31/05/2548 11:57:44
Line protection
Brand name:SIEMENS
User-friendly installation and connection methods, uniform accessories and a consistent design are the characteristics of our range of miniature circuit breakers.
Last Update : 27/05/2548 22:57:09
5SZ residual-current protective devices
Brand name:SIEMENS
Easy retrofitting of existing installations to increase the protection level
Last Update : 27/05/2548 22:53:34
Brand name:SIEMENS
Saves space for combined personal and line protection
Last Update : 27/05/2548 22:49:20
5SM2 RCCB module
Brand name:SIEMENS
Can be subsequently combined with miniature circuit breakers on site for personal and line protection
Last Update : 27/05/2548 22:45:29
Residual-current protective devices
Brand name:SIEMENS
Whether in residential, non-residential or industrial buildings: residual-current protective devices are a standard requirement in many installation regulations. And that makes sense.
Last Update : 27/05/2548 22:41:49
Cylinder fuse systems
Brand name:SIEMENS
With fuse base designed as disconnecting switch with optional alarm signaling device -designed as DIN rail-mounted device
Last Update : 27/05/2548 22:38:10
MINIZED switch disconnectors
Brand name:SIEMENS
For NEOZED fuse links in sizes D02 and D01
Last Update : 27/05/2548 22:33:49
NEOZED fuse systems
Brand name:SIEMENS
With a comprehensive range of ceramic fuse bases and the corresponding covers
Last Update : 27/05/2548 22:28:12
Low voltage fuse systems
Brand name:SIEMENS
With a complete range of fuse bases and other accessories
Last Update : 27/05/2548 22:24:02
Fuses System
Brand name:SIEMENS
Our low-voltage fuses provide protection against overload and short circuits for lines, equipment and systems to avoid damage and subsequent costs.
Last Update : 27/05/2548 22:20:02
Type Tested Switchboards 8PT
Brand name:SIEMENS
Locally made by selected, qualified, continually audited SIVACON Technology Partners, this type-tested switchgear and controlgear assembly based on reliable Siemens components offers maximum individuality.
Last Update : 27/05/2548 11:52:18
Busbar Trunking Systems 8PS
Brand name:SIEMENS
Model:8PV , 8PT
Type-tested connection of switchboards 8PV and 8PT with the busbar trunking systems LD and LX
Last Update : 27/05/2548 11:49:36
Fuse Switch Disconnectors
Brand name:SIEMENS
Model:3NP4 to 630A
The 3NP fuse switch disconnectors for the occasional switching/isolating of load feeders.
Last Update : 27/05/2548 11:39:30
SENTRON Circuit-breakers
Brand name:SIEMENS
Molded-case circuit-breaker 3VL from 16 A to 1,600 A with thermal-magnetic and electronic overcurrent trip unit
Last Update : 26/05/2548 16:35:05
SENTRON Switch Disconnectors
Brand name:SIEMENS
Broad range of products of fuseless and fused switching devices with an extensive range of accessories
Last Update : 26/05/2548 13:33:45

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