Foot-operated Switches
Whenever the operator needs to have both hands free, the 3SE2 foot switch is the ideal solution.
Last Update : 13:15:23 09/06/2005
Cable-operated Switches
Paper jams in printing presses, overloads on conveyors, hazardous moments on production lines or in packaging machines
Last Update : 13:15:03 09/06/2005
LED Displays
Numeric and alphanumeric displays are used in systems where information is so diverse that it can no longer be displayed using individual indicator lights.
Last Update : 13:14:42 09/06/2005
Pushbuttons and Indicator Lights
Our pushbuttons and indicator lights are characterized by a high degree of functionality and their modern, slim design.
Last Update : 13:14:06 09/06/2005
Detecting ? SIRIUS Magnetically-operated switches
SIRIUS Magnetically-operated switches are ideally suited to monitor protective doors. They operate contactlessly.
Last Update : 13:13:35 09/06/2005

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With Auxiliary Contactor Enabling Circuits
Brand name:SIEMENS
Devices of the 3TK28 5. series have a number of electronic evaluation units, each of which is equipped with and electrically connected to two redundantly switching auxiliary contactors (utilization category 13/10 A DC and 15/6 A AC).
Last Update : 09/06/2548 12:19:04
With Relay Contact Enabling Circuits
Brand name:SIEMENS
Devices of the 3TK28 2./3. series have floating relay contact enabling circuits which are available in stop category 0+1. Two categories are available: the 3TK28 2.
Last Update : 09/06/2548 12:18:31
With Electronic Enabling Circuits
Brand name:SIEMENS
Devices of the 3TK28 4. series have an electronic evaluation unit as well as electronic, non-isolated enabling circuits.
Last Update : 09/06/2548 12:17:56
Safety switching devices
Brand name:SIEMENS
Safety switching devices are used whenever safe and reliable shutdown is required in dangerous situations.
Last Update : 09/06/2548 12:17:24
Load Monitoring
Brand name:SIEMENS
Monitoring the load of motors and the functionality of electronic loads ? a clear case for our 3UG relays that monitor current and cos φ.
Last Update : 09/06/2548 12:16:50
Temperatures Monitoring Relays
Brand name:SIEMENS
These relays are used to measure temperatures in solid, liquid and gaseous mediums; they evaluate whether the temperature is within the upper and lower temperature limits.
Last Update : 09/06/2548 12:13:02
Mounting on Contactors
Brand name:SIEMENS
When space is at a premium, this is the ideal solution and requires no additional wiring.
Last Update : 09/06/2548 12:11:21
Line Monitoring
Brand name:SIEMENS
The new 3UG4 line monitoring relays permit a maximum degree of protection to be achieved for machines, plants and systems.
Last Update : 09/06/2548 12:10:21
Front Panel Mounting
Brand name:SIEMENS
The 7PV solid-state time relay is ideal for mounting in operator panels.
Last Update : 09/06/2548 12:09:05
45 mm SIRIUS Design
Brand name:SIEMENS
Of the same design as the SIRIUS S00 contactors, these relays are ideal for small tier spacings and shallow mounting depths.
Last Update : 09/06/2548 12:08:35
22.5 mm Industrial Housing
Brand name:SIEMENS
The standard timing relay in the control cabinet is slim and easy to use.
Last Update : 08/06/2548 11:48:13
Time Relays
Brand name:SIEMENS
3RP electronic timing relays are used for all time-delayed switching processes in control, starting, protection and regulating circuits.
Last Update : 08/06/2548 11:47:33
Expansion Modules
Brand name:SIEMENS
Expansion modules are optional extras for the SIMOCODE pro V device series.
Last Update : 08/06/2548 11:46:54
Brand name:SIEMENS
SIMOCODE pro V is the big brother of SIMOCODE pro C, the communication- capable motor management system.
Last Update : 08/06/2548 11:46:22
Operator Panel
Brand name:SIEMENS
The parameterizable pushbuttons and LEDs can be assigned to any actions or status signals.
Last Update : 08/06/2548 11:45:47
Basic Unit
Brand name:SIEMENS
Basic units are always required when using SIMOCODE pro; they contain the essential motor protection and control functions.
Last Update : 08/06/2548 11:42:49
Brand name:SIEMENS
SIMOCODE pro C is the most practicable and economical motor management system of its class that is currently available.
Last Update : 08/06/2548 11:42:10
Current Measuring Module
Brand name:SIEMENS
SIMOCODE pro C monitors motors with rated motor currents of up to 820 A. Current measuring modules determine the motor current in the main circuit.
Last Update : 08/06/2548 11:41:35
Compact Starters
Brand name:SIEMENS
The AS-Interface compact starter is an internal, completely prewired load feeder module with IP65 degree of protection, designed for switching
Last Update : 08/06/2548 11:40:56
24-V DC motor starters
Brand name:SIEMENS
The introduction of the K60 AS-Interface 24-V DC motor starters for the lowest ranges of performance up to 70W now allows fast and simple local connection of even 24-V DC motors and their sensors.
Last Update : 08/06/2548 11:40:08

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