How to reduce total suspended solids (TSS)/ Turbidity in the water & wastewater clarification process?
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Imhoff Cone
Brand : ECO
Imhoff Sedimentation cone
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COD Vario Photometer
Model : MD200
. Power . Chem or Petrochemical . Chemical Fibre
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PM 600 Photometer
Model : PM600
The PM 600 photometer brings pool testing to the next level for discerning pool operators. The ergonomic, portable, waterproof design enables users to select just one unit for accurate analysis of up to 12 parameters anytime and anyplace. The PM 600 focusses on the main pool parameters required for balanced water including: Alkalinity, Bromine, Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, Iron, Calcium Hardness, Copper, Sodium Hypochlorite, Ozone (DPD) and pH-value. Compatible with the tried and trusted Lovibond? Tablet reagents, it is designed to be robust, reliable yet easy-to-use for any pool operator. The unit offers a large, back-lit graphic display to aid analysis by providing on screen method prompts, information regarding test measurement range and reagent type and automatic countdown timers for accurate reaction periods. The internal memory is capable of storing up to 1000 results with date, time and sample ID. These results can be reviewed at any time and can be downloaded to a PC via an additional Infra-Red module (IRiM).
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Chlorine 3 in 1 (Cl2-pH-Cyanuric)
Model : MD200
The MD 200 pool photometers are robust, portable meters designed to be used anywhere from plant room to pool side. With a waterproof (IP68) housing and high precision interference filters and LEDs, the meters produce accurate reliable results for confident pool management. A backlit screen, 4 button keypad, scroll memory function which saves the last used parameter, and one time zero for switching between methods make the unit easy to use and ideal for testing in any environment. Results containing date and time can be stored in the on-board memory, and can also be downloaded via an infra-red unit (IRiM) for later review in excel or notepad. With the added reliability of the Lovibond ? reagents the MD 200 is the ideal choice for photometric pool water testing.
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BOD / COD Online Analyzer
Brand : Eco Scientific
COD/BOD Online Analyzer BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) means the amount of oxygen (in mg/l) microorganisms like bacteria need to 'eat' the organic pollution (sugars, fat, proteins, ...). COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) is the amount of oxygen required to degenerate all pollution in a chemical way (by adding oxidizing agents and heating). In general with chemical destruction you can remove more pollution than with the biological way. Both BOD and COD are expressed in mg/l oxygen consumed.
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Product Information :

Product Name:  

Product Category:   การวัดและทดสอบ, เครื่องมือวัดและทดสอบ
Product Sub-Category:   เครื่องมือ และอุปกรณ์วิทยาศาสตร์
Brand:   Lovibond 
Product Type :  
Short Description :   The Lovibond? COD Vario Setup allows precise COD measurement with minimum effort. Vials are available to cover all applications from final, treated, raw and trade effluent: 0-150 mg/l 0-1500 mg/l 0-15000 mg/l The MD 100 Photometer will measure all three ranges and has an easy-to-use four button keypad. it is water and splash resistant and has a backlit screen for accurate result reading. The RD125 Thermoreactor is a 24 position heating block for reacting Lovibond? Vario COD Vials. Capable of heating at 100, 120 and 150?C, and with variable time settings for 30, 60 and 120 minutes, the RD125 photometer can also be used for the following methods COD TOC Total Chromium Total Nitrogen Total Phosphate After the desired heating period, the unit has an alarm function and will automatically cool down. The unit can also be set for continuous heating for measurement throughout the day.

Optics LEDs, interference filters (IF) and photo sensor in transparent sample chamber.
Depending on the version, up to 3 different interference filters are used.
Wavelength specifications of interference filters:
430 nm ? ? = 5 nm
530 nm ? ? = 5 nm
560 nm ? ? = 5 nm
580 nm ? ? = 5 nm
610 nm ? ? = 6 nm
660 nm ? ? = 5 nm 

Wavelength Accuracy ? 1 nm 

Photometric Accuracy 3% FS (T = 20?C - 25?C) 

Power Supply 4 micro batteries (AAA), capacity approx. 17 hours or 5000 tests 

Auto - OFF automatic switch-off 

Display backlit LCD (on keypress) 

Storage internal ring memory for 16 data sets 

Interfaces infrared interface for test data transfer 

Additional feature real time clock and date 

Calibration factory calibration and user calibration. Reset to factory calibration possible 

Dimensions 155 x 75 x 35 mm (L x W x H) 

Weight basic unit approx. 260 g 

Environmental conditions Temperature: 5 - 40 ?C rel. humidity: 30 -90% (non condensing) 

Conformity CE; tested with standard solutions 


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