Brand : EVEROX
Model : EMB-1360-1565-2065
FEATURES: 1. Hi-rigidity machine structure designs and the main casting is made of meehanite cast iron which is annealed perfectly to eliminate internal residual stress. 2. Y, Z axis square rigid ways and dovetail slideway for saddle (X axis), furthermore, the all slideway be treated heat-treatment & precisely ground & scrapped etc. 3. Rugged stand & boxed structure column and integral heavy duty bed type designs and coupled reinforced ribs, advance machining servicing life & accuracy. 4. The spindle is made of SCM-21 steel and tempered stress relieved, carburized & precisely ground etc., and then, equipped with P4 level bearings, hi-precision.
Last Update : 16:01:51 21/09/2021
3 Roller Hydraulic Bending Machine RPB-16X2000
Brand : MAC
Model : RPB-16X2000
The upper roll can move vertically as well as horziontally. It has double function of pre-bending and rounding. The upper roll in drum-type, and support roll is added to the lower roll. Through regulations of the support roll, it can coil high precision. Realize NC control and single-person operation. Simple & reliable, greatly raising efficiency. Add up tapering reel and realize zero-piece coiling with great taper. Vertical & horizontal motion of the upper roll is digitally indicated. Setting of motion scope is distinctive and
Last Update : 15:56:36 21/09/2021
4 Roller Bending Machine 4RP-16X2000
Brand : MAC
Model : 4RP-16X2000
The 4 roll plate bending machine is the easiest one, thanks to a frame designed to satisfy every kind of needs. Advantages are various : ? Pre-bending is highly reduced because the material gets pinched by in between the two central rolls. ? Working can be made in one only pass, following the steps here below: 1. Squaring 2. Pre-bending 3. Bending 4. Closing pre-bending ? The plate is fed into the machine horizontally thanks to the support of the lower roll (B) with the side roll (D). ? The plate is squared thanks to the position that the side roll (C) takes. ? The space to the limit of the machine reduces to one side only, thanks to the possibility of squaring and bending in one only step. We advise a 4 roll plate bending machine : ? For a high and massive production ? For the possibility to control by NC ? For the possibility to make conical bendings
Last Update : 15:45:42 21/09/2021
CNC Press Brake HPC-63x2500
Brand : MAC
Model : HPC-63x2500
Last Update : 15:36:47 21/09/2021
CNC Shearing Machine VSHS-6X2500
Brand : MAC
Model : VSHS-6X2500
Last Update : 15:24:25 21/09/2021

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Category Name : Precision Surface Grinding Machine
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Model:See Detail
Last Update : 04/02/2552 09:54:51
Precision Surface Grinding Machine : JL-3060ATD
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Last Update : 05/11/2551 10:51:54
Precision Surface Grinding Machine : JL-618ATD
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Last Update : 05/11/2551 10:51:02
Precision Surface Grinding Machine : JL-3A618
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Last Update : 05/11/2551 10:46:09
Precision Surface Grinding Machine : JL-618SA
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Last Update : 05/11/2551 10:45:04
Precision Surface Grinding Machine : JL-614M
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Last Update : 05/11/2551 10:44:09
Precision Surface Grinding Machine : JL-618
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Last Update : 05/11/2551 10:37:58
Precision Surface Grinding Machine : JL-5010AHR,JL-5010ATD
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Last Update : 14/10/2551 13:22:28
Precision Surface Grinding Machine : JL-6020AHR
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Last Update : 14/10/2551 13:20:59
Precision Surface Grinding Machine : JL-4080AHR,JL-4080ATD
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Last Update : 14/10/2551 13:19:14
Precision Surface Grinding Machine : JL-2550H,JL-2550AHR
Brand name:JOEN LIH
Last Update : 14/10/2551 13:17:43

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