Torch Cleaning Station
ABICOR BINZEL torch cleaning stations ? the complete solution for reliable automatic servicing of torch heads. Quick and easy to install, just ?Connect & Clean ...?, the compact torch cleaning stations BRS stand for top reliability. Combined in a single station, no less than three systems guarantee optimally timed processes and an increase in plant availability. Many further features such as mounting stand and drip pan reduce installation costs.
Last Update : 16:43:46 12/04/2017
CNC Water Jet Center
Brand : FE-MOVAC
Model : i-movac series
7000psi(50MPa) CNC Water Jet Center For Precision Washing, Deburring, Desanding
Last Update : 15:52:43 01/12/2016
Pressure Washer
Model : MKW1413MD-THI
Maruyama?s first class pressure washers come from a history of experience in pump technology. Incorporating our own engine technology with our expertise in pumps, our machines are on top their game. Great for industrial or commercial cleaning use, Maruyama also supplies an extensive arsenal of nozzles and attachments
Last Update : 15:26:37 12/02/2016
Brand : Sankyo
Model : HW-TRC / HW-TRC-S
เครื่องดูดฝุ่นและเส้นผม(HW-TRC / HW-TRC-S)
Last Update : 15:32:42 28/01/2016
High-speed Packing Robot
Model : MPP3
Last Update : 11:17:32 03/12/2015
Welding Robot
Yaskawa Motoman is the world leader in robotic welding, with automated welding industry firsts such as patented multiple robot control and MA-series robots. Integrated through-the-arm cabling improves weld accuracy, improves torch access and reduces downtime. Motoman backs the performance of the MA-series arc welding robots with the industry's first two-year torch cable warranty. This patented torch cable design was key to the success of the EA-series robots and is not available from other companies. Motoman also was the first with an extended-reach (>3.0 m) robotic welding arm (HP50-20) and has an extended-reach MA-series robot (MA3100). The first 7-axis robotic welding arm Yaskawa Motoman is extending the success of these arc welding arms with the introduction of the first 7-axis robotic welder. The flexibility of the VA1400 model arc welding robot can be used to reduce floorspace and accommodate multiple welding robots in a single cell. The unique "elbow" axis of the robot arm also enables arc welding around tall parts or into boxy parts.
Last Update : 17:12:33 02/12/2015
Handling Robot
Yaskawa Motoman offers a wide range of industrial robotic arm models for high-speed precision assembly and small part handling including high-performance six-axis robots; flexible seven-axis manipulators; dual-arm robots with 15 axes and amazing human-like motion; and a family of four-axis SCARA robots. These models, especially the new generation SDA (15 axes) and SIA (7-axis) robots, offer cell space optimization, dexterity with outstanding range of motion and tooling simplification.
Last Update : 16:23:34 30/11/2015
Palletizing Robot
The use of robotics for palletizing applications continues to be one of the fastest growing segments in robotics. The use of robotic palletizers in distribution or warehouse locations also continues to grow. Our line of palletizer robots range from 50 kg to 800 kg payload with 4-6 axes of articulation. In addition, we are dedicated to the development of easy-to-use and feature-rich palletizing software, vision and controllers to help ease the burden of complex applications faced by robotic system integrators.
Last Update : 16:09:48 30/11/2015
YASKAWA Elevator motor
Model : MP125,MP160
The YASKAWA PM125 and PM160 were designed for the requirements of lift applications. Together, they service a load range of up to 1000kg. Design, configuration and equipment of both drives allow their use in installations without separate machine-rooms. YASKAWA lift motors meet the requirements of all relevant European safety regulations. The standard versions of the YASKAWA PM125 and PM160 lift motors are available with traction sheeve diameters of 240 mm or 320 mm. They are designed for elevator ropes of 6 mm and 8 mm. If required, YASKAWA will also supply a range of customized solutions.
Last Update : 10:20:06 28/10/2015
Brand : CHASCO
Model : Flange type
Last Update : 15:29:14 27/10/2015
Foot Pedal Unit
Brand : CHASCO
Model : DB-2103CH
Last Update : 15:13:39 27/10/2015
Air Hydraulic Booster
Brand : CHASCO
Model : CB-3233
Last Update : 15:06:24 27/10/2015
Air Hydraulic Booster
Brand : CHASCO
Model : CB-2377
Last Update : 15:04:20 27/10/2015
Pneumatic Caliper
Brand : CHASCO
Model : DB-3002
Last Update : 14:54:02 27/10/2015
Hydraulic Caliper
Brand : CHASCO
Model : DB-2051
Last Update : 14:53:04 27/10/2015
Pneumatic Caliper
Brand : CHASCO
Model : DB-3010AF
Last Update : 14:51:54 27/10/2015
Hydrulic Caliper
Brand : CHASCO
Model : CSH-1800
Last Update : 14:48:09 27/10/2015
Hydraulic Caliper
Brand : CHASCO
Model : DB-2008
Last Update : 14:11:52 27/10/2015
Pneumatic Caliper
Brand : CHASCO
Model : DB-3012
Last Update : 14:11:00 27/10/2015
Hydraulic Caliper
Brand : CHASCO
Model : DB-2021S
Last Update : 14:09:57 27/10/2015
Last Update : 16:12:34 01/12/2016
High Pressure Washer
Last Update : 16:05:37 27/09/2016
Yaskawa Motoman Palletizing
Last Update : 14:49:48 27/11/2015
Motoman Packing Robot
Last Update : 11:42:59 27/11/2015
PISCO 2-stage Speed Controller
Last Update : 16:42:06 25/05/2015

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Triboelectric Dust Monitor
Brand name:Matsushima
Model:PFM Series
To Sense Breaks or Tears in Filter bag, to improve Product Quality, and to Eliminate related Environmental and Safety Risks
Last Update : 02/02/2558 16:26:50
Microwave Flow Monitor
Brand name:Matsushima
Monitors relative flow rate inside a multi-branched piping system
Last Update : 02/02/2558 16:25:25
Brand name:Matsushima
Last Update : 02/02/2558 16:24:35
Cleated Belt Conveyor
Last Update : 30/01/2558 12:54:46
Belt Conveyor
Last Update : 30/01/2558 12:53:31
Belt Conveyor
Last Update : 30/01/2558 12:52:26
Yaskawa Servo motor Sigma7
Brand name:Yaskawa
Last Update : 30/01/2558 11:02:16
Cleated Belt Conveyor
Last Update : 30/01/2558 10:55:01
Eaton orbit motor
Brand name:EATON
Model: Hydraulic motor
Last Update : 26/01/2558 15:42:56
Yaskawa Servo motor Sigma5
Brand name:Yaskawa
Sigma-5 Servo Series Servopack Type: SGDV 1/3 AC 230V, 50/60Hz, +10%/-15%, 0,05kW ? 1,5kW 3 AC 380V ? 480V, 50/60Hz, +10%/-15%, 0,5kW ? 15kW Rotatory Servomotors Type: SGMAV, SGMEV, SGMGV, SGMJV, SGMSV 3 AC 230V, 3000min-1, 0,159Nm ? 2,39Nm, 50W ? 1.5kW 3 AC 400V, 1500min-1, 1,96Nm ? 28,4Nm, 0,3kW ? 15kW 3 AC 400V, 3000min-1, 0,637Nm ? 22,3Nm, 200kW ? 7kW
Last Update : 23/01/2558 17:34:25
Sumitomo Motor gear Cyclo 6000
Brand name:Sumitomo
Last Update : 23/01/2558 17:26:38
Yaskawa Inverter V1000
Brand name:Yaskawa
Compact Vector Control Inverter Drive Ratings: 1 ~ 200V .... 240V +10%/-15%, 0.1kW to 4.0kW 3 ~ 200V .... 240V +10%/-15%, 0.1kW to 18.5kW 3 ~ 380V .... 480V +10%/- 15%, 0.2kW to 18.5kW
Last Update : 23/01/2558 17:17:26
Yaskawa Inverter J1000
Brand name:Yaskawa
Compact Inverter Drive Ratings: 1-200V.....240V +10%/-15%, 0.1kW - 2.2kW 3-200V.....240V +10%/-15%, 0.1kW - 5.5kW 3-380V.....480V +10%/-15%, 0.2kW - 5.5kW
Last Update : 23/01/2558 17:16:30
Yaskawa InverterA1000
Brand name:Yaskawa
High Performance Vector Control Drive A1000 The A1000 is the premium inverter from YASKAWA. It provides great operation reliability, environmental benefits and energy savings as well as many other user oriented operational features that make it a first class choice.
Last Update : 23/01/2558 17:15:02
Sumitmo Reducer Paramax 9000
Brand name:Sumitomo
Model:Paramax 9000
Paramax 9000 Series Premier performance, industrial gearbox in universal housing.
Last Update : 23/01/2558 17:08:46

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