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Technical Support Manager & QMR Asst. Sales Manager
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M.S. (Applied Radiation and Isotopes) Sales Supervisor & Product Specialist
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Sales Representative
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วิธีการตรวจสอบการเจือปนน้ำมะพร้าวด้วยน้ำตาลอ้อยหรือข้าวโพด (น้ำตาล C4) ซึ่งเป็นสารที่นิยมเจือปนในน้ำมะพร้าวเพื่อเพิ่มความหวานด้วย CRDS
Last Update : 10/10/2018 09:11:27
Brand : Picarro
Model : G2301/G2401
The simplicity of integrating Picarro analyzers into field measurement sites has enabled their deployment worldwide for GHG analysis
Last Update : 10:37:29 23/09/2021
เครื่องวิเคราะห์ไขมัน/Rapid Fat Analyzer
Brand : CEM
Model : ORACLE
Last Update : 11:33:00 22/09/2021
Raman analyzer of powders
Brand : EnSpectr
Model : MIXSplitter?
Raman qualitative and quantitative analyzer of powders MIXSplitter? reveals hidden properties of mixed substances, the system automatically scans and identifies mixed substances' compounds.
Last Update : 10:32:34 21/09/2021
Automated Graphite Digestion System
Brand : Raykol/Reeko
Model : AutoGDA-72
The AutoGDA-72 digestion systems are specifically designed for acid digestion and acid evaporation methods.
Last Update : 09:46:49 20/09/2021
Vortex Mixer
Brand : Servicebio
Model : MV-100
Last Update : 10:12:17 17/09/2021
Phoenix BLACK?
Last Update : 09:39:49 31/08/2021
Will it Extract? : Food Packaging
Last Update : 14:01:16 12/07/2021
Mars 6 Demonstrate
Last Update : 10:49:46 07/07/2021
Will It Digest Digesting Pet Food
Last Update : 08:53:02 08/06/2021
Automated Solvent Extraction System (EDGE)
Last Update : 13:22:04 05/05/2021

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Cannabis and Hemp Potent solutions for your budding lab
Date Time : 29/03/2021 - 29/04/2021

    Complete your lab with potency and safety screening with the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS)AVANT (U)HPLC, and SOLATION ICP-MS including analysis and quantification of cannabinoids, pesticides, and heavy metals. Take advantage of Advion X Interchim’s full product line for the industry’s most robust cannabis solutions:


High Throughput Purification Solutions


Advion X Interchim puriFlash® instruments relieve the purification bottleneck for processors


Minor Cannabinoid Purification


• Purification of cannabinoids at low concentration is accomplished using smaller particles in the column
• Various column sizes provide linear scale up after method optimization


Turnkey THC Remediation


• THC-free CBD
• 4-13kg output per day
• <95% recovery
• Detailed SOP’s and training provided


Pesticide Remediation Systems


• Detailed SOP’s and training provided
• Simple software for ease of use


Rapid Winterization


• Room temperature methodology
• 30 minute method excluding solvent recovery


Save time and money with in-house analytical

Testing your product throughout your process allows you to monitor the efficiency of your workflow.

• Using the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer, obtain analytical data in minutes
• Screen product quickly and with minimal sample preparation
• A wide range of sample introduction techniques to easily introduce all cannabis and hemp plant materials, edibles, tinctures, oils and more.
• Full spectrum cannabinoid analysis, including CBDA, THCA, CBD, THC, and CBN testing, ideal for determination of optimal harvest times.


Heavy metal testing with ICP-MS

• Simple, robust trace metal analysis including arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury with the SOLATION ICP-MS
• Save time testing in house to reduce the risk of failing 3rd party regulatory tests

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